Coaching is usually conducted in person, making the journey more personal for the client while enabling the coach to gather rich insights into their needs. But the world has changed, and more coaches are offering remote solutions, too. The transition from conventional methods to online platforms isn’t just a trend; it’s an evolution driven by necessity and the need for efficiency. This transition has presented a significant problem — a lack of connection in the coaching relationship. 

Coaches now require new ways to interact with clients that keep them engaged while providing guidance and support that mirrors in-person sessions. Quenza is a tool that promises to be more than just an online software — it’s a digital partner for today’s forward-thinking professionals that fills the gaps created by remote interactions.

Let’s take a look at how Quenza can transform your practice through its digital-first features and functionality. As you read through the features, use the CMS comparison worksheet (free for Coach Factory VIP members) to take notes.

What Is Quenza?

The primary challenge many coaches face in today’s digital age is the fragmentation of tools. You might have one application for communication, another for billing, and another for tracking client progress. Quenza brings all these under one umbrella, eliminating the friction from juggling multiple platforms.

Quenza coaching platform homepage screenshot

With roots in psychology, Quenza is a professional platform designed to work harmoniously with a coach’s client management tasks. In addition to common management tools, Quenza provides easy access to supplementary exercises, assessments, and evaluations that clients can complete between sessions. 

Coaches require digital tools that mirror the personalized nature of their work, and Quenza is one of the leading solutions for coaches, with features catering to these professionals’ nuanced needs. Let’s take a look at these features to understand how they elevate the professional-client interaction and enhance the overall experience.

1. Client Management Dashboard

Quenza’s centralized hub streamlines different aspects of client management. Professionals get an overview of client progress, effortlessly schedule upcoming sessions, and maintain meticulous notes. The convenience of having all these features intertwined in one platform eliminates the need to shuffle between tools, increasing efficiency and decreasing the margin of error.

Quenza client management dashboard
client view on Quenza's client management dashboard
individual client inside the Quenza platform

2. Customizable Activities & Pathways

Every client is a unique individual with distinct needs and challenges. Quenza understands this and allows professionals to craft tailor-made interventions and activities. Whether creating a specific homework assignment or employing mood-tracking tools, Quenza’s customization ensures that the professional’s approach remains as unique as their clients.

coaching activities inside the Quenza platform
library of activities inside the Quenza platform

3. Multimedia Integration

The age of multimedia has transformed how we communicate and teach. Quenza harnesses the power of multimedia, allowing professionals to integrate videos, audio clips, and interactive elements into their sessions. This multimedia approach caters to varied learning styles and ensures clients remain engaged.

files in quenza library

4. Secure Messaging

In a world where data breaches have become common, ensuring confidential communication is critical. Quenza’s encrypted messaging platform provides a sanctuary where professionals and clients can communicate freely, knowing their conversations are secure from prying eyes.

secure messaging inside Quenza

5. Detailed Reports

Data-driven insights are invaluable in tracking client progress. Quenza’s reporting tool generates intuitive reports that clearly depict a client’s journey. These insights empower professionals to tweak their strategies, ensuring the client remains on the path to success.

reporting feature of Quenza

6. Assessment Tools

Assessments are a window into a client’s mind and progress. Quenza’s assessment tools allow professionals to craft detailed evaluations by gathering pivotal data that can shape future interventions and feedback sessions.

assessment tools inside quenza
custom feedback tools to work with clients on Quenza

7. Mobile App Access

In this day and age, clients require on-the-go access to their coaching journey. Quenza’s mobile app ensures that clients and professionals remain connected to the platform, whether in the office or on vacation.

How Much Does Quenza Cost?

Every dollar invested in a tool like Quenza is not just about the software — it’s about the value it brings to your practice. When considering the cost, you should weigh the platform’s efficiency, client management improvements, and the potential to offer more prosperous, personalized experiences against the monthly fee.

Quenza offers a 30-day trial period for $1 for all pricing tiers. The trial allows you to test drive features to gauge if the platform works for your coaching practice.

Quenza pricing

The Lite tier is targeted at newcomers or professionals just starting and is $49 per month. This tier offers the core features of Quenza at a more affordable rate. It allows individuals to experience the platform’s capabilities without a hefty investment.

For $89 per month, the Standard tier supports seasoned professionals or those with a more extensive clientele, and provides access to a broader range of features. These features include more client capacity, activities and pathways, and storage.

The Unlimited tier is for large practices or institutions so it includes additional storage and activity amounts for $149 per month. 

Coaching CMS Comparison Chart

Compare Quenza to other popular platforms with this comparison chart. Click it to enlarge and see in more detail.

coaching CMS comparison chart

4 Alternatives to Quenza

While each platform offers unique features and benefits, the choice ultimately depends on the coach’s specific needs, preferences, and budget constraints. Whether you opt for Quenza or any of its alternatives, the key is to find a platform that aligns with your practice goals and enhances the overall client experience.

Here are a few Quenza alternatives to consider.

1. SimplePractice

SimplePractice, a Quenza alternative

SimplePractice offers a suite of features that cater to health and wellness coaches. This platform provides solutions ranging from secure video appointments to billing and invoicing. Its intuitive interface and detailed reporting make it popular for coaches seeking to streamline their practice operations.

2. TherapyNotes

TherapyNotes, a Quenza alternative

Tailored for mental health professionals, TherapyNotes brings together client management, scheduling, telehealth, and billing under one roof. The platform emphasizes note-taking, with templates designed for various therapeutic modalities, making documentation more accessible and more structured.

3. CoachAccountable

CoachAccountable, a Quenza alternative

CoachAccountable shines in client goal setting, action planning, and progress tracking areas. Its modular system allows coaches to tailor the platform according to their needs, making every coaching journey unique.

4. MyClientsPlus

MyClients, a Quenza alternative

As an all-in-one platform for health and wellness professionals, MyClientsPlus covers appointment scheduling, billing, and detailed reporting. Its standout feature is the customizable client portal, allowing clients to access resources, make payments, and manage their appointments seamlessly.

Take Your Clients Digital With Quenza

In a world increasingly dominated by digital interactions, clients seek flexibility, engagement, and a personalized touch. Quenza touches on all of these points. From its comprehensive client management to tailored interventions, Quenza is a testament to how technology seamlessly integrates into the coaching space without losing the human touch.

Quenza elevates the client experience by streamlining operations and offering unparalleled value. As coaches, our primary objective is to empower and support our clients, and Quenza is a powerful digital platform that enables you to do just that.

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