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The Coach Factory Podcast takes our audience on a ‘factory tour’ of the coaching industry, providing a backstage pass with real-world insights from experienced coaches and coaching industry experts.

Guests pull back the curtain on their coaching journeys and businesses to reveal how they approach coaching, how they run their business and work with clients, why they do things the way they do, and what’s worked. We also flip the script to talk candidly about obstacles, challenges, and what they’ve tried that didn’t work.

Our goal is to encourage and empower coaches with insights, ‘ah-ha’ moments, and applicable advice that moves the needle, regardless of where they are in their own coaching journeys.

Shawn Hesketh, Executive Director of Coach Factory
Shawn Hesketh, Host of the Coach Factory Podcast

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If you prefer to keep your best advice secret and hold the good stuff back only for paying clients, or your focus is to promote yourself and your packages and programs to our audience, we might not be the best fit.

If your focus is to inspire and help coaches and you’re willing to open up about the realities of being a coach and share your lessons, struggles, and successes, we’d love to connect and introduce you to our audience!

The Coach Factory podcast is different from any other podcast you’ve been on.

Unlike other podcasts that focus on one guest for each episode and run full interviews, the Coach Factory Podcast is a dynamic podcast that features a variety of insights from multiple guests on one focused topic.

For the public podcast, we pull the best snippets, stories, and key takeaways from our conversation and then use them across different thematic episodes. This means you’ll be featured multiple times across multiple episodes.

For our Coach Factory members, we share the full recording of our conversation so they can listen in as we talk shop and get all the gold nuggets you share.

As a bonus for Coach Factory members, we also record a 10-20 minute ‘deep dive’ to further explore your story, or provide the kind of real-world advice you wish someone had given you when you were starting out.

The first step is to submit your podcast guest application.

Please know the current season of the show is fully booked — but we’re already booking and recording interviews with new coaches with unique stories to feature in the next season. And we’re always looking for guests as diverse as the coaching industry itself.

Now is the perfect time to get your name and your story in front of our booking team!
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