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Coaching is Your Calling and You Can’t Imagine Doing Anything Else

You love asking questions, and you live for those ‘ah-ha’ moments when your client’s face lights up. And you come alive while helping others truly see themselves so they can get unstuck, live up to their potential, unleash their genius, and step into greatness to experience life at its best.

You’ve stepped out as a coach to open a coaching practice and you’ve gone all-in on building a successful business so you can help more people and live life on your terms.

While coaching came naturally, running a coaching practice is tough.

You’re dedicated and committed to making your coaching business a success. You’re working harder than anyone you know and doing all the “right things.” But wow, it’s more challenging than you thought — and you’re a smart person who can do hard things!

While coaching fills you up, figuring out all of the branding, business, and marketing details does the opposite. Maybe you feel stuck and unsure of what to do first or what to do next. Maybe you’ve wished that someone would just hand you everything you need to coach with confidence and teach you how to launch and scale a coaching business…

You’re not alone. And you’re definitely not the first coach to crave more support.

Even the best coaches can struggle to find success with coaching. No one taught you the ins and outs of running a coaching business or gave you the tools and resources you need to make your coaching practice run smoothly. You’ve done your best to piece-meal bits of information from across the internet and figure it out on your own. But let’s be honest: what you’ve found so far is all over the place!

And that’s about to change forever…

Welcome to Coach Factory

It’s time to take the guesswork out of building a successful coaching practice so you can focus on what you love — coaching.

Our mission is simple: To come alongside you on your coaching journey and help you transform lives, help more people, make an impact, and build a successful, profitable, thriving practice you can be proud of — while saving you time, money, and effort, and hopefully kicking worry, fear, and stress to the curb.

We know you’re an amazing coach whose work creates transformations that change lives.

We know you could use a little help on the business side of things to make your calling a success.

We know you’re smart and capable of running an empire with the right information and insights.

At Coach Factory, we’ve set out to build the world’s largest coach resource site packed with education, free coaching tools, and training you can trust because everything we do is backed by data, science, and real-world experience and created by experienced coaches and coaching industry experts.

And we’re doing it without hype, sales pitches, trickery, and hidden agendas.

We’re doing it for free.

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Level Up Your Coaching and Business Skills

If you’re going to change lives, businesses, and communities for the better, and maybe even change the world, you need a rock-solid business foundation to support you and your big vision. Coach Factory provides that support at every stage of your coaching journey.

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Whether you’re a new coach, an experienced coach, or you’re considering becoming a coach, you’ll love our articles on coaching skills, the coaching industry, and business topics like branding, marketing, and pricing.

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What if you were 100% confident in not only your coaching skills and ability to connect with clients but also your business foundation?

Your purpose and calling is coaching. Our purpose and calling is supporting your growth as a coach and as a business owner. Think of Coach Factory as an unbiased, objective partner with one sole focus: Helping you start, manage, and grow your coaching practice.

We want to help you be the best coach you can be and create life-changing experiences for your clients and we refuse to let you play small and remain a best-kept secret when you’re destined for so much more. As a Coach Factory member, you can finally say goodbye to uncertainty, fear, frustration, and reinventing the wheel, and hello to a successful practice, full programs, a booked schedule of clients you love, and the revenue to match.

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We’re not about to let finances get in the way of your dreams or your ability to make a positive and lasting impact in this world. We believe in the power of coaching too much to let that happen, which is why everything, even our membership, is free.

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