About Coach Factory

Dear Coach,

We see you. We see the passion and dedication you have for helping others succeed. We know that for you, coaching is not just a job it’s a calling. We also know that being a coach is not without its challenges.

That’s why we created Coach Factory, a website dedicated to providing you with the resources, articles, podcast episodes, and training materials you need to build a successful coaching practice.

We understand the frustrations that come with starting and growing a coaching business

Perhaps you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to attract the clients you want.

Maybe you’re struggling to market yourself effectively or you’re not sure how to price your packages or programs.

It’s possible you’re feeling overwhelmed by the conflicting advice and sheer amount of information out there, and aren’t sure who to trust or what steps to take next.

It’s okay. Take a deep breath and relax. you’re in the right place. We know you’re ready to impact lives, elevate businesses, and maybe even change the world… and we’re here to help.

At Coach Factory, we believe that every coach, regardless of experience level, deserves access to the tools and resources they need to succeed. That’s why we’re creating the largest resource site for coaches just like you, with a wide range of learning tracks and training materials to help you at every stage of your coaching journey.

Whether you’re just starting out, you’ve had some success already, or you’re an experienced coach who’s been coaching for years, we want to support you in taking your coaching practice to the next level.

Maybe your goal is to work with more clients or to increase your revenue. 

Maybe you want to expand your coaching skills and knowledge or you’re looking to connect with other coaches in your field. 

Maybe you need to systematize your process, grow your team, or expand your reach.

Whatever your coaching aspirations may be, we’re honored to be a part of your journey and we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Our team of experienced coaches has only just begun to leverage our vast library of articles, podcast episodes, and training materials to address the challenges you’re facing. We’re poised to move fast and our roadmap covers topics like marketing, pricing, client acquisition, systems, positioning, and coaching skills — all so you can build a thriving coaching practice.

That’s why at Coach Factory, our support is free. Yes, you read that right. Our articles, podcast episodes, and membership are free because being a coach isn’t always easy but what you do matters and we believe in you.

So to all the coaches out there: thank you for all you do. Thank you for your dedication to helping others succeed. And thank you for choosing Coach Factory as your partner in building a successful coaching practice.

We’re here to support you every step of the way.

The Coach Factory Team

The Coach Factory Team

Our Coach Factory team knows what it takes to start, manage, and grow a coaching business, and is just as passionate about coaching as you are. We hire and work with coaches, have run businesses in the coaching industry, provide services that support coaches, and several of us are coaches ourselves.

We’re making an investment in this space because we believe in the coaching profession and the transformational impact of working with the right coach, and we want to make coaching accessible to more people. The best way to do that is to empower and equip coaches like you to navigate the challenges of growing a successful coaching business with less stress and greater ease. 

We’re coming alongside you on your coaching journey to help you transform lives, help more people, make an impact, earn a great living, and build the life you dream of.

There are a lot of products, programs, and services out there that make bold claims about changing lives.
Coaching actually delivers on that promise, which is why we’re all-in on everything coaching and all about supporting coaches.

A Factory Twist

What the Coach Factory Name Means to Us

Have you ever gone on a factory tour where you got to peek behind the scenes and see things no one else gets to see and learn secrets few other people know? Have you ever watched a documentary that exposed previously hidden or secret details or a special that revealed a mystery like how a magician does a specific trick?

The experience is captivating and the opportunity to peek behind the curtain, go backstage, or see behind the scenes can be game-changing when secrets are revealed and the right person gains access to the right information at the right time.

Our intention at Coach Factory is to take you on a coaching industry factory tour and give you a backstage pass to unfiltered, unbiased, behind-the-scenes insights and access to the details you need.

As a Coach Factory member, you’ll be able to:

Listen in on the “backroom talk” successful coaches keep secret or only share with their top-tier clients.

See first-hand how things work, why they’re done a certain way, and what was tried that didn’t work.

Gain access to vital information, tools, insights, training, and resources others charge an arm and a leg for.

Learn exactly what you need to know to start, manage, and grow a successful coaching business.

Trust that we always make your best interests our priority because we’re not trying to sell you anything.

Our goal isn’t to just be helpful. It’s to pull back the curtain to reveal the secrets everyone else keeps tucked away in their expensive programs and courses so you can help more people. And we’re doing it without charging you a penny.

Coach Factory Membership