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Outcome-Driven Coach Business Training

We identified the outcomes that create a successful coaching practice and built step-by-step learning paths for each outcome.

Whether you need to get clients, differentiate yourself, or expand your reach, our step-by-step coach training meets you where you’re at so you can build a successful business.

Resources to Accelerate Your Coaching Impact

Starting, managing, and growing a coaching business while actually developing your coaching skills and coaching clients is tough.

Coach Factory makes the business side of coaching easier with access to a growing library of scripts, templates, worksheets, checklists, comprehensive guides, and more.

Insights from Coaching Industry Pros

You may be blazing your own trail but that doesn’t mean you have to walk alone, solve problems alone, or figure out everything on your own.

We’ve just launched a new coaching podcast unlike anything you’ve listened to before and members get carefully-curated highlights with hard-knocks insights that move the needle.

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Are things a little harder than you thought and taking a little (or a lot) longer than you thought?

You’re not alone and you’re in the right place.

You see the potential in people, know what’s possible, and wholeheartedly believe in the power and impact of coaching. You also have passion and drive and you’re pouring your heart and soul into your coaching business. But the truth is that blazing your own path sometimes feels lonely, and figuring out the right next steps can not only be time-consuming but also confusing and frustrating.

If you’re like most coaches building businesses…

You’ve spent so much time clicking around YouTube, you could have a degree from YouTube University.

You’ve read books and articles, attended workshops and events, and watched countless webinars and masterclasses.

You’ve downloaded a million freebies, participated in all the free challenges, and even paid for coaching courses and programs.

And honestly, you’re exhausted and not that much further along in your journey — and even worse, everyone seems to be selling you something and you’re sick of the bait and switch where the real nitty-gritty details you need are only available if you pay the big bucks.

We get it!

That’s where Coach Factory steps in to provide the support you need.

We know what it takes to build a successful coaching practice and we’re sharing everything we know (and everything we can pull from industry experts) with no strings attached.

As a Coach Factory member, you can say goodbye to uncertainty, feeling stuck, spinning your wheels, and second-guessing everything, and instead, say hello to greater ease and flow, more confidence, more clients, happier clients, and the revenue you know you deserve.

Member coaches get unprecedented FREE access to:

Business training: Intentional learning paths to improve your business skills, systems, and processes.

Coach training: Comprehensive learning opportunities to enhance your coaching skills and become a better coach.

Tools and resources: Scripts, worksheets, templates, checklists, tools, and more to use right away to improve your business systems and processes and add value to your client experiences.

Insights from industry pros: Experienced coaches and coaching industry experts share candid insights and what worked, what didn’t work, and what they’d do differently today.

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Several covers of the downloadable worksheets, resources, guides, and client tools that are available for free to Coach Factory VIP members.

Downloadable worksheets, templates, checklists, and tools you can use right away to improve your coaching business.

Here’s just a sample of the resources you’ll have access to as a VIP member.
Plus many more inside, with new VIP resources added every week!

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Coach Factory is committed to helping you build a solid coaching business so you can coach with confidence.

Regardless of where you’re at in your coaching journey, Coach Factory knows what you need and has your back.

If you’re an emerging or aspiring coach just setting up your business, you need to knock out all the business basics, define your approach, get clients and gain experience, establish your brand, differentiate yourself, clarify your message, and market your coaching packages.

If you’re feeling the squeeze of success (overwhelmed, exhausted, and maybe a bit stuck), you need to work on your business and refine your packages and programs, tailor your message to attract ideal clients, establish systems and processes to streamline workflows, and create leverage to free up your time.

If you’re an experienced coach ready to scale up and expand your reach and impact, you need advanced systems and tactics to grow your team, tap into strategic partnerships, build your reputation as a recognized and respected thought leader in your niche, and magnify your message and marketing to reach new audiences.

Every article, resource, and training on our roadmap aligns with your objectives and meets you where you’re at with what you need to take action and keep moving closer to your goals — while saving you time, money, and effort.

What You Can Expect

We may be just getting started but you’ll be amazed at what we have in store for you.

By joining Coach Factory for free today, you can guarantee that you won’t miss a single article, resource, or training. You’ll also be the first to get access to our new podcast and the unfiltered behind-the-scenes interviews with all the juicy details that don’t make it into the public episode.

Our goal is to help you build a thriving coaching practice and make a meaningful and lasting impact in the world by diving deep into the topics you care about most:

Differentiating yourself as a coach

Building your coaching brand

Communicating the value of your coaching

Creating a coaching program

Pricing your coaching for profit

Developing your process and systems

Attracting the right clients (and more clients)

Overcoming impostor syndrome

Managing client relationships

Leveling up your coaching skills

Creating a remarkable client experience

Achieving financial freedom

Becoming a thought leader in your niche

Becoming known and respected by your peers

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