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We’ve collected the questions asked most often by coaches (and the questions we think coaches should be asking) about Coach Factory and our free membership packed with training, resources, and tools to power your coaching business.

Check out our FAQs below and if you don’t find an answer to your question, reach out. We’re happy to help.

Let’s get to those FAQs…

Coach Factory is a comprehensive online resource site for coaches of all types. Our website features blog articles, a podcast, and a free membership with downloadable business tools, educational content, industry insights, and training materials designed to help coaches improve their coaching practices and grow their businesses.

Coach Factory is for coaches of all experience levels — brand new coaches just starting out, successful coaches who need support and systems, and experienced coaches who are ready scale up and help more people. We serve a variety of coaching niches, including life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, health and wellness coaching, financial coaching, and spiritual coaching. If you’re a coach, we meet you where you’re at with the tools and resources you need to build the business of your dreams.

Coach Factory features a variety of content designed to help coaches improve their coaching practices and grow their businesses. This includes blog articles, a podcast, and member-only downloadable tools and training materials such as ebooks, checklists, worksheets, and templates. You’ll also find a selection of curated highlights from the Coach Factory podcast, in addition to the full-length, unedited interviews with expert coaches, covering a wide range of topics, including coaching skills, marketing and sales strategies, niche-specific knowledge, and advanced business and coaching techniques.

The Coach Factory podcast is your backstage pass to go behind the scenes and learn the secrets of coaching from experienced coaches who’ve been right where you are! Listen to episodes on this website or anywhere you like to listen to podcasts, including platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

The first step is to connect with Coach Factory on social media and say hello so we’re connected! The second step is to submit your podcast guest application. We’re already booked for this season of the show but don’t let that dissuade you! We’re always looking for new coaches, new voices, and unique and interesting stories to feature — and we’re always looking to showcase guests as diverse as the coaching industry itself. Now is a great time to get your name and your story in front of our booking team.

Coach Factory does not currently accept guest article proposals or publish submitted guest articles. We delete and do not respond to guest article inquiries. All articles, resources, or other types of content we publish is created by our team, or at times, by invitation only to select partners or coaches we have established relationships with. The best way to start and build a relationship with Coach Factory is to become a member and engage with us on social media

There are incredible associations, global organizations, and coaching programs available that teach you how to be a coach. But what happens after that? How do you build a profitable, sustainable coaching practice? How do you get coaching clients? How do you build your coaching brand, create your coaching packages and programs, differentiate yourself from other coaches, and market yourself as a coach? Coach Factory answers those questions and then some. We provide a wide range of resources across a variety of topics, from coaching skills and techniques to business development and marketing strategies to help you achieve your goals as a coach.

No, Coach Factory is not a coaching certification program. However, we do offer a wide range of free resources and training materials to help coaches improve their coaching skills and grow their business. On our blog, we also provide information on various coaching certification programs and organizations to help coaches find the right certification programs and industry education opportunities.

No, Coach Factory is independent and not affiliated with any specific coaching organization or certification program. We are resource for coaches of all types and niches run by a team of coaches and coaching enthusiasts.

Because it’s free! As a member of Coach Factory, you will have access to exclusive content (like the full interviews with our podcast guests) and resources (like worksheet templates, business resources, and coaching tools) that will help you improve your coaching practice and grow your business.

Coach Factory members will have access to a variety of exclusive resources, including full-length interviews with coaching experts, ebooks, articles, videos, templates, worksheets, and checklists — some to help you improve your coaching skills and business, and some to use with your clients to add value to your client experiences.

Yes, you can cancel your Coach Factory membership at any time. Simply log in to your account and go to the “Membership” section to cancel.

At Coach Factory, we believe in the importance and power of coaching as a transformative tool for personal and professional growth. Our membership is free because we believe that coaching should be accessible to everyone regardless of their financial situation, and the best way to make that happen is to equip more coaches at all levels with the tools, training, and resources they need to build successful businesses. Our goal is to empower coaches to help more people.

Two primary differences set us apart from all other coaching resource sites: First, joining Coach Factory is free. Second, because Coach Factory is not affiliated with any one coaching organization, certification program, course, or methodology, we take an unbiased, unfiltered, neutral approach in all of the content we create and provide. We’re not pushing any one solution or approach, we’re not trying to lead you in a specific direction, and we don’t have a hidden agenda. The education we provide isn’t motivated by driving you to buy something, it’s motivated by our goal to create the largest collection of resources and information for coaches in the world so we can help coaches help more people.

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