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As a coach, you support others – and Coach Factory supports you. The Coach Factory Podcast is for coaches at all experience levels, looking to grow their business and define their specialization.

The Coach Factory podcast is your backstage pass to go behind the scenes and learn real-world insights from experienced coaches and coaching industry experts who’ve been right where you are today.

Guests pull back the curtain on their coaching journeys to reveal how they approach coaching, how they run their business and work with clients, why they do things the way they do, and what’s worked well. We also flip the script to talk candidly about obstacles, challenges, and what they’ve tried that didn’t work, because often the best way to avoid pitfalls is to learn from the experiences and hard-earned lessons of others.

Join host, Shawn Hesketh, for the stories and advice of coaches who have been where you are. Learn the practical steps and tools you need to grow and develop your skills. The Coach Factory Podcast is live now, so be sure to subscribe wherever you prefer to listen to your favorite podcasts!


As a coach, you’re supporting others. But who’s supporting you? 

We are! 

Hi, welcome to Coach Factory. We’re building the largest resource and community for coaches – by coaches. 

We’re here for coaches at all stages of their business. Whether you’re a new coach, an experienced coach looking to grow, or branching out to a new specialty. We’re uncovering the secrets to coaching success. 

I’m your host, Shawn Hesketh, Executive Director of Coach Factory.

On this podcast, you’ll get a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the stories and lessons that have helped expert coaches grow their businesses from the ground up — so you can learn from their mistakes, and be prepared with new tools to face the challenges of building your own coaching practice.

Tune in to each episode as we listen to experienced coaches share their insights and discuss practical steps you can take to develop and grow your skills — and your brand. 

The Coach Factory podcast comes out this summer.

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