The right business name can make a lasting impression on potential clients and help you stand out in a crowded coaching market. The wrong business name can inaccurately represent who you are and misalign your coaching practice with clients who may not be the best fit for your services. Deciding on a good business name that aligns with your mission, niche, and values can make the best first impression with the people you desire to serve.

Creating the perfect coaching business name isn’t as easy as you might think.

How Do I Create a Unique Business Name?

For the lucky, the perfect name may appear out of nowhere. For the rest of us, it can take some work. That’s why we created a simple worksheet to help you craft a name for your coaching business that’s memorable, impactful, and timeless. You can start brainstorming with these steps.

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Determine the big WHY for your coaching practice.

The best way to lay a solid foundation for your business name is to think about your reason for starting a coaching business in the first place. If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you may have a successful business story that inspires other entrepreneurs. Or your mission could reflect your desire to help a certain number of people accomplish a specific goal.

Life coaches tend to embed their personal lives into their brand’s identity. A life coach’s story and motivation come from who they are and the unique experience they can provide their clients. Most coaches in this category stick with personal branding and use their own names. In contrast, a business coach may choose to find a more creative name to highlight their business strengths.

The key here is to find an authentic connection point with your prospective clients. You can achieve this by honing in on a clear mission statement, a powerful vision, and 3-5 non-negotiable values.

Starting with this foundation is essential because it helps you establish authority in your area of expertise while building trust with your potential clients. It also sets you apart from your competitors.

Research using your WHY as a filter.

Research is critical when choosing a brand name. To avoid legal trouble, conduct a trademark name search through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s database. Search for any coaching businesses that exist that have the same name. Then, expand your research to identify companies in other industries. If you find any matches, don’t panic. You may only need minor changes to keep your name exclusive to your business.

Another area of research includes looking at themes or symbolism associated with your Big Why. Remember, everything from numbers, places, colors, and even seasons can have meaning. Check your mission and values to determine what you want to highlight, and look for themes that support those causes.

Always refer back to the foundation of your business to ensure your name aligns with your overall goals for your clients.

three tips for naming your coaching business

Revise your name for clarity.

The last step in the naming process is revision. Once you have the perfect name, you’ll need to check for any issues before you make it official. Try to stick to this clarity checklist:

  1. Keep it short and memorable.
    Longer names may add context, but they can be hard to remember and even harder to secure a domain or social media account handle. Short and clear will always win over being witty and long-winded.
    Good: Viking Mindset Coaching
    Bad: Vikings Valhalla’s Mental Agility Coaching Resource and Hub
  1. Make it easy to pronounce and spell your business name.
    It can be tempting to get funky with spellings, but remember that marketing for your business comes in different forms, including radio, social media, and even television. Simple spellings and brand name pronunciations allow potential clients to find your services quickly and with ease.
    Good: Later Life Retirement Coaching
    Bad: L8R Life Retirement Coaching
  1. Identify what you provide in your business name.
    Your business name only has one job—to inform the public about who you are and what you offer. The best way to do this is by adding the type of coaching you provide to the end of your name.
    Good: The Wealthy Tech Career Coach
    Bad: Tech LLC
a life coach considers what to name his business

How Do I Brand Myself as a Coach?

Business branding encompasses the entire persona of your brand: the tone, the style, and the personality. Those traits are conveyed through dozens of signals including your color palette, your logo design, your tagline, your website layout, your URL, and of course, your business name. There are marketing coaches who specialize in branding who can help you hone your business’s image. But if you’re just getting started as a professional coach, your business name is the key element both for branding and for legal identification.  

Should I Use My Own Name for My Coaching Business?

Using your last name or using your first and last name in the name of your coaching business is a good practice in most cases. Plug it into this simple formula as as starting point for your brainstorming sessions.

First Name + Last Name + Niche + Coaching

Unless you plan on hiring coaches under you, your face is the face of the business. And even if you do form a coaching team, you’re still the leader at the helm, so your name is apropos! 

An especially unique name can work in your favor since an online search result will immediately zero in on the true you instead of the dozens of other Jennifer Campbells or Pete Smiths, for example. If your name is a fairly common combination, you may be surprised to find that not only are there dozens of parallel namesake businesses online but that there’s another coach with your same name! 

Another warning is for coaches who in years to come may want to take on a spouse’s name or shed an ex’s name. This naming tradition can wreak havoc on a woman’s established business branding. So choose carefully; think long term and consider the extreme case scenarios like marriage, divorce, or remarriage.

What Should I Avoid in Naming a Coaching Business?

Avoid trends and the latest lingo when naming a coaching business. While they may sound edgy or hip today, they won’t age well. For example, remember the 1990s trend of using numbers instead of words: Life Coaching 4 the Gr8 Life? Or the equally cringeworthy z in place of an s: Coachez for Top Careerz? 

Avoid names that can be misconstrued or are too complex to easily remember or pronounce. Don’t be so clever and creative that no one else understands what you’re getting at. Here are a few anti-examples not to emulate when naming your business:

  • Coach Potato — Is this coach lazy or just a vegan nutrition coach?
  • Sue Perior Coaching — Sue wants to put a unique spin on her common name, but runs the risk of coming across as a know-it-all with this business name.
  • Paine & Gain Coaching — While gain is an inspiring word, using the last name Paine evokes struggle. Will your potential client be attracted or repelled by this image? 

How to Inspire a New Business Name Using AI

Here are two automatic name generators to help you during your brainstorming session. You can use them individually, but using them collaboratively will yield the best results.

Shopify’s business name generator:

Screenshot of the Shopify business name generator page

The Business Name Generator from Shopify allows you to generate a business name and claim the matching domain name for the website at the same time.

Namelix AI business name generator:

Screenshot of the Namlix business name generator home page

Namelix uses A.I. to generate simple yet memorable business names. When you’ve selected the name you want to use, the site generates a logo for you.

How to get started step by step.

To show you how Shopify and Namelix work, we tried to find creative names for a life coaching business and we started with Shopify’s naming tool. You can see some of the results below. The name ideas you’ll get are simple but will serve as a solid foundation for your brainstorming.

Screenshot of generated life coaching business name examples from Shopify

Once you find a name you like enter it into Namelix.

Screenshot of the Namelix business name generator

You’ll get a range of options for refining your business name. There are seven different styles to choose from or you can opt to use them all and get more ideas.

screenshot of Namelix business name options

The randomness option allows you to control the creativity and randomness of the generated business names.

Screenshot of the Namelix randomness filter

Finally, you can provide more context by adding a description of your coaching business to aid in generating more catchy business names that still align with your goals.

Screenshot of the Namelix generator asking for additional context

60 Sample Coaching Business Names By Category

Below are the best names for coaching businesses that were generated with Shopify and Namelix while writing this article.

Catchy Life Coaching Business Name Ideas

  1. LifeBeat Growth Coaching
  2. EmpowerX Life Coaching
  3. Thrive Flow Life Coaching
  4. MindsetMax
  5. Life Lift Mindset Coach
  6. MotivAid Life Coaching
  7. PhoenixGuides
  8. Revivology
  9. ThriveHub Life Coaching
  10. HopeSpike Life Coaching

Career Coaching Business Name Ideas

  1. EvolveTalent
  2. Pathways Career Coaching
  3. Hireful
  4. JobPilot
  5. FutureFoundry Career Coaching
  6. Career Compass
  7. Talent Revamp Career Coaching
  8. Pathfinder Coaching
  9. Prospecta Career Coaching
  10. CareerCatchers

Business Coaching Business Name Ideas

  1. Upstartly Business Coaching
  2. CorpMentors
  3. EnterpriseAdvise
  4. Launch Pro Business Coaching
  5. Propel Net Business Coaching
  6. GrowthCounsel Business Coaching
  7. Workflow Business Coaching
  8. The Scale Club
  9. Cofounders Business Coaching
  10. Venturefi Business Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching Business Name Ideas

  1. The Well Way
  2. Zen Lift Wellness
  3. ExhaleCo Health Coaching
  4. RenU Wellness Coaching
  5. Intune Health & Wellness Coaching
  6. VitalityPros
  7. Herbvity Wellness Coaches
  8. Whealth Coaching
  9. Nutrinergy
  10. Healthcore Wellness Coaching

Finance Coaching Business Name Ideas

  1. Finova Wealth Coaching
  2. Luxura Finance Coaching
  3. CapitalMinds
  4. Fortunetrix Finance Coaching
  5. FinCoachPro
  6. Welfe Wealth Coaching
  8. GrowWise Finance
  9. Finitude Wealth Coaching
  10. Profit Pals

Spiritual Coaching Business Name Ideas

  1. Graceful Awakening
  2. InnerInsight Spiritual Coaching
  3. DivineGuides
  4. Mindful Destiny Spiritual Coaching
  5. Sanctifyx Spiritual Coaching
  6. Etherya Spiritual Coach
  7. Celestia Heights Coaching
  8. EssentiaSoul Spiritual Coaching
  9. Pure Alignment Spiritual Coaching
  10. Awakify

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Giving your coaching business a good name is essential. It’s the first step to laying a solid foundation to support your coaching business, coach branding, and coaching package and program marketing.

If you’d like more help finding the right name for your coaching practice, download Coach Factory’s free Coaching Business Naming Guide today. It will walk you through the step-by-step process of brainstorming your business name and give you a checklist of what to watch out for to make sure your business name is available to use and protected.

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